Thursday, April 3, 2008

Evidence Based Practices in Child Psychiatry

Here. Here. Here. Here.

1) Research follows clinical practice. Evidence based practices are the medicine of seven years ago, and medical malpractice. They get written by academic doctors. These have half the clinical experience of clinicians, and no competence to boss the clinician.

2) Government does nothing well. Any government initiative has a presumption of incompetence and of evil intent.

3) Evidence based practices have no scientific support, and are ghoulish human experiments themselves.

4) The Supreme Court has held that government must defer to clinical decision making. The most famous such decision is Roe v Wade.

5) Any government official proposal to impose these practices should be greeted with loud protest, total resistance, and Federal court injunctions, to protect our patients, our care, and to deter these petty tyrants.

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