Wednesday, December 26, 2007

PTSD after Trauma Rare in Childhood

The resilience of children extends to the psychological effects of trauma, frequent in childhood. A history of anxiety increased the risk for PTSD.

Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in Youth Up by 4000%

I remember the day this trend started. A Dad in an Ohio court argued, bipolar disorder is a brain disorder. His daughter's hospitalization should be re-imbursed under the $1 mil limit for medical conditions, and not under the $25,000 lifetime limit for mental health. The judge looked at the PET scans of patients, understood the expert testimony. He ruled, it was a medical condition, covered by the $1 mil limit.

Within a week, most patients on my inpatient service received bipolar diagnosis, except mine.

Now, the incidence has increased 40 fold in children, and 2 fold in adults in outpatient care. Reviewed in this article, as well.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ADHD a Form of Immaturity

ADHD patients were three years behind. This quantifies the evidence from physical activity data. Activity peaks in infancy. Dopamine neurons decrease over time. Thus a three year old is more active than a twelve year old. The latter is more active than a twenty year old, than a 40, than an 80 year old. Thus the trajectory of decrease of activity level is shifted to the right in children with ADHD. This study implies the 10 year old with ADHD may move as much as a seven year old.

It would be useful to correlate these brain immaturities with actual movement rates.

Sunday, December 23, 2007