Monday, January 14, 2008

Summary of Recent Child Psychiatry Research


Another Attack on Masculinity by Horrid Boston PC Feminist

What a nightmare on wheels. This is a ridiculous and discriminatory experiment. Any boy forced into such a program may have standing to sue all involved parties for sex harassment and discrimination.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Physician-Investigators Less Likely to Get Funding

Proposals for clinical research less successful than for non-clinical research. Money is the sincerest form of valuation. Talk is cheap.

Academic funding serves to increase the expertise of medical school professors. Each of these, by imparting methods, reaches out to the 50,000 families that will get care from the medical students and residents. This is one of the most responsible positions, and requires the top notch clinicians. Instead, pay is half what it is in clinical care. Institutional review boards stymie all creativity. The medical school requires that half the salary come from grants. Only a genius with something specific to achieve will suffer these adverse conditions.

What we get instead are repetitious, uninformative, confirmational research, by a bunch of burnouts.