Friday, February 1, 2008

Child Psychiatrist Shortage Is a Self-Serving Myth

1) When a benefit gets rare, its price increases. Child psychiatry remains among the lowest paid medical specialties. Either, the supply is too big, or the public places a low value on it, and does not want more.

2) Child psychiatrists have a low productivity. They see too few patients. They enumerate elaborate, bogus guidelines, devoid of scientific validity. These seek make wok, worthless extended assessments.

3) Until a rule change, December 19, 2007, none could write multiple scripts for controlled stimulants for their ADHD patients. A third or more of the appointments were time wasting repeat visits, with no change, nothing to discuss because the current regimen served the patient well, had done so for months or years. Lawyer mandated over control of the child psychiatrist added to the perception of a shortage.

4) The lawyer has imposed political correctness. No one may criticize, let alone substantively punish misconduct. The lawyer loves crime because it generates lawyer jobs. Any discouragement of misconduct is strictly forbidden, and deterred by false, over-reaching allegations of abuse, ruinous litigation, and inappropriate removal of children from normal parents. The family represents a rival authority to central government, run the lawyer syndicate. They are out to eradicate the family. Their progress toward that goal is excellent. These self-defeating attacks on behavior control has emboldened all knucklehead behavior, and the sense of invulnerability of vicious, single mother raised, amoral predators. This lawyer scheme markedly increases the demand for psychopharmacological approaches to behavior better remedied by severe punishment.

5) As mentioned above, bastardy markedly increases psychopathological behavior. The lawyer is on the hunt for the productive male. The father has assets to be plundered, and is a rival source of authority to central government. Lawyer orchestrated bastardy destroyed the black
family in the 1960's. A new law will do the same to the white family, this next decade.

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