Sunday, November 25, 2007

Clinton Pledge of $700 Million for Autism


More pandering and waste of taxpayer dollars on the children of rich people. This is a useless bribe to the teacher union constituents of Hillary Clinton.

About 20% of boys have language delays. These normalize around 6 or 7 whether treated or not. The misdiagnosis of language delay permits privileged parents and corrupt teachers to waste taxpayer money. Autism is a superstition. It is a severe form of mental retardation, a final common pathway for potentially, a 1000 pathophysiological mechanisms. No gene locus may be found. The metabolic changes found originate in the gut.

Autism rates tend to increase after local services increase. Parents will move to districts with generous, but worthless services. They sue schools. They divert funds that are totally wasted on their children, and that could raise 10 children with poverty caused educational deprivation up to national standards. These selfish parents, and their kowtowing, lawyer whipped administrators are stealing highly productive funds from the taxpayers, and from more deserving children from poverty. The return on investment on the autistic children is nearly nil. The return on investment from enrolling a child in Headstart is massive, and lasts for years after the poor children return to their appalling ghetto schools.

There is no certainty autism even exists as a valid disorder, let alone that its prevalence is changing.

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